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How does ChargeWOW work?

1. Who is ChargeWOW?

We simplify buying and installing a charger.  We are not an electrician.  We give you options of electrical chargers to meet your needs then get you a quick easy quote and help schedule an appointment for an independent licensed electrician in your area to install your charger. 

2. How does ChargeWOW know what I need?

You complete a short assessment and send us two pictures, which allows us to get a quote on most installations and help schedule appointment for an independent licensed electrician in your area to install your charger.

3. How does ChargeWOW work?

If you already own a charger, we can help connect you with an electrician to get it installed. If you need a charger, we can help you choose one to get installed. Based on the information you give us, we get you a free quote for installation by a licensed electrician in your area.  You decide whether to accept the quote. Installation costs are billed after completion of work.

Is ChargeWOW required?

No! There is no obligation to use our installers or products. You can elect to purchase a charger and installation, a charger only, installation only, or nothing. Additionally, all customers can return a new condition charger through our 30 day no hassle return policy.

What amperage do I need?

We recommend future proofing your home, which usually means getting the highest amperage your home can support. But an electrician is the best person to guide you through your needs and your home’s capabilities. Level 2 AC charging typically ranges from 7.7kW (32 Amps) 9.8kw (40 Amps) or 11.5kW (48 to 50 Amps). Ultimately the vehicle dictates the amount of charge it will accept. The vehicle owners manual will identify the AC Charge acceptance.

What can my home support?

Most homes can easily fit up to 48 amps. Our electricians can make the final recommendation for you. If for any reason you purchased a charger from us that doesn't fit - We swap it with a unit that does free of charge!

Does it fit my car?

YES! All of our chargers utilize the J1772 standard. This standard fits all new vehicles and the adapter that comes standard with Tesla models.