Federal Tax Credit

up to $1000

The U.S. Federal Tax Credit gives individuals 30% off select home charging station plus installation costs (up to $1,000). You must purchase and install by December 31, 2021 as well as claim the credit on your federal tax return.

State: Michigan Charge Up Program - Commercial

up to $70000

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy is offering funding for public and private organizations enrolled in a utility EV program. The funding can support the purchase, installation, site preparation, networking fees and signage for DC Fast Charging
projects. Grants will cover up to 33.3% of the total project cost, or up to $70,000.

Utilities: Consumers Energy - PowerMIDrive Program - Commercial
up to $70000

Consumers Energy provides rebates for L2 and DCFC stations.
Residents can receive a $500 rebate for L2 chargers. Public access locations can receive up to $5,000 on Level 2 and up to $70,000 for DC fast charging stations.

Utilities: Michigan Consumers Energy - Residential
up to $500

Through the Consumers Energy PowerMIDrive program, residential customers are eligible for a rebate of $500 on the purchase of a qualified level 2 smart charging station.

Utilities: Michigan Consumers Energy - Residential
$500 - $70000

Consumers Energy PowerMIDrive Program provides residential customers a $500 rebate to install a Level 2 or DC fast charger. The PowerMIDrive
Program also offers commercial customers up to $70,000 per DC fast EVSE installed and up to $5,000 per Level 2 charger.

Utilities: Michigan DTE Energy - Residential
up to $500

DTE offers a $500 rebate for the installation of a Level 2 EVSE for
qualified residential customers that purchase or lease a plug-in
electric vehicle (PEV) and enroll in the PEV Charging Rates.

Utilities: Michigan DTE Energy Charging Forward EV - Commercial
$2500 - $55000